Childcare Frequently Asked Questions


What ages does the Childcare cater to?

Our Childcare welcomes all Children ages 8 weeks up to 5 years. The Centre has two rooms

  • Babies Room - 8 week to 2 years
  • Play Room - 2 years to 5 years

What are the centre's hours of operation?

The Teen Family Centre is open every weekday from 8am till 4pm. 

How can i enrol my child?

You are welcome to visit the Teen Family Centre any weekday between 8am and 4pm to view the centre, meet the staff and grab a copy of the enrolment pack. When the pack is signed and return you will need to provide copies of:

  • Child's Birth Certificate
  • Medicare Card 
  • Centrelink Health Care/Pension Card
  • Medicare Immunisation Statement

Alternatively, you can email the team for an elecronic enrolment form. See the Contact page to send us an email. 

What is the Childcare Subsidy and can i get it?

The Childcare Subsidy is provided by Centrelink to help families with the cost of Childcare Fees. We encourage parents to apply for the Childcare Subsidy prior to accessing Childcare. Alternatively, Parents can meet with our Parent Support Worker to discuss the Childcare Subsidy and how to claim and access the Subsidy.

The Childcare Subsidy is based from your family's income each year. To see if you are eligible you will need to create a My Gov online account and link it to your Centrelink Online Account to begin a claim. 

Do I need to pay for days if my child is sick?

Yes, fees still apply if your child is unwell on your scheduled childcare days. The Childcare Subsidy does cover up to 42 "absent" days per financial year (July 1 - June 30) where absences are covered, however any days after the 42nd absent day will be charged to the family as a full fee day. We encourage parents to provide documentation such as Doctor's notes and letters when their child is unwell, as this can help absent days being covered by the subsidy. 

How can I see what my child does during the day?

The Curriculum is available for all parents to view upon the walls of both the Play Room and Babies Room. Photos are taken of all activities during the day and uploaded to Kinderloop, which parents can access through an App that can be downloaded to smart phones and tablets, so you are able to see what your child is doing while you are out and about. 

During drop off and pick up, you are welcome to chat to our friendly Childcare Educators about the experiences they have planned during the day for your child. 

Does the centre support the cultural needs of families?

We provide learning experiences and environments that are inclusive of all cultures, religious backgrounds, ages and abilities. The centre provides meals that are Halal friendly, and consider all alergies and intolerances of the children. We strive to include family feedback in all planning and delivery of the service and its progams. 

Is the Childcare just for Teen Parents?

No. The Teen Family Centre provides a program to support Young Parents to engage in High School Education while being a parent. Priority Vacancies are given to the Young Parents when they need to utilise the Childcare Centre to return to school, however the Childcare Centre is also open to community families. If you would like more information on our Young Parent Program, you can find it here.

What do i need to bring for my child?

We ask all families to provide the following for their child:

  • A few sets of spare clothes
  • Nappies (Nappy packs can be stored within the centre)
  • Unopened Tin of Formula (If baby is on Formula. Tin can also be stored at the centre)
  • Sun Safe "bucket" Hat 
  • Closed-in shoes

We provide your child with a water bottle each day. Parents are welcome to provide their own water bottles if they prefer. We supply suncream and nappy cream - families are also able to supply their own if they have a preferred type. 

What if i am worried that my child wont settle?

Parents can organise "Orientation Days" where your child can attend the Childcare for a few hours to interact with staff and other children. Parents are requested to stay during these visits to help transition their child into Childcare. Staff are available during the day to assist during the Orientation Days. 


If you have a question, and would like it to be listed as a Frequently Asked Question, feel free to contact us here