Our Childcare Philosophy


Our Childcare Philosophy


  1. We at the Teen Family Centre shall strive to serve the parents, children and their families while becoming part of the local community, thus we recognise that aspects of childcare, family and community life are integrated and interdependent

  2. We believe in the importance of early childhood and so provide safe, friendly and nurturing environments to support the developmental needs and wellbeing of the children in our care.

  3. We are guided in our education programs for children by the Australian Early Years Learning Framework by providing learning environments indoors and outdoors that will support positive learning outcomes for the children in our care.

  4. We recognise children as individuals and hold their rights of choice, culture and individual personality development. We believe all children have an equal right to childcare in a non-prejudice environment regardless of gender, religious background, culture, age or abilities. We provide an environment that promotes all cultures including Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

  5. We believe that a child’s learning ability is enhanced by curiosity, exploration, and social integration. We strive to offer a range of play based learning experiences while following the Reggio Emilia approach for children in our care.

  6. We assist children in our care to develop a sense of belonging by creating environments where they can build connections with their peers, staff, local community and nature.

  7. We recognise that family is the child’s first teacher. We invite and encourage families to be involved in all areas of our curriculum. Our families are invited to be involved in the care and education of their child and to participate in centre’s events and celebrations.

  8. Each child is to be given opportunities and provision to develop a positive self-concept while also learning to respect the needs of others; therefore, we believe that positive guidance and limits enhance self-regulation, interpersonal relationships and safety for all children in our care.

  9. In our centre, the children and parents have the right to expect nutritionally, well balanced, attractive, healthy meals from various cultures. Mothers are supported to breast feed their babies throughout the day.

  10. We have embedded into our daily program sustainability practices to encourage all staff, children and families to care for the environment

  11. We strive to support all our families with parenting information and accessing other support networks within the local community

  12. We will maintain a commitment at all times to provide high quality childcare in a safe, secure, hygiene and stimulating environment in accordance with the National Quality Standards.