Meet our Team!


Meet the Staff!




Director - Laura

Laura is our dedicated and passionate Director. Laura began at the Teen Family Centre in 2011 as a Parent Support Worker, and has worked each role during her time at the Centre. Laura has a background in Childcare, Community Services and Disability Services.  Laura is passionate about creating safe, caring and fun environments for young parents and their children. 

Assistant Director - Rachael

Our Assistant Director Rachael has been with the Teen Family Centre since 2020 and has a passion to provide quality care for children and young people who access the service. Rachael is currently studying her Certificate IV in Youth Work. 

Rachael can assist families with all matters and enquiries about the Childcare Centre, you can find Rachael in the office from Monday to Friday. 

You can contact Rachael on 9247 0291 or text/call on 0402 970 966


Parent Support Worker - Rheannan

Rheannan has been with the Teen Family Centre since 2018, and is our dedicated Parent Support Worker. Rheannan is available to all families who access the Centre for support and assistance in a range of matters. 
Rheannan has completed both her Certificate IV and Diploma in Youth Work, and strives to create a safe, friendly and caring environment for young parents to develop parenting and life skills. Rheannan delivers the Young Parent Program every Thursday and is available to chat to you today about the Young Parent Program. 

Rheannan is our go to person for all matters Centrelink, so feel free to contact her with any Centrelink Concerns!

To get in touch with Rheannan, you can call her on 9247 0291 or text/call on 0432 503 426


Educational Leader - Debra

Debra joined the team in January 2021, as the Educational Leader who supports the Childcare Educators within the centre. Debra is in the office once a week to support and provide opportunities for the Childcare Educators to develop and plan the programming for the children each day. 


Centre Cook & 2IC - Lauren

Lauren is a long standing member of the Teen Family Centre, having started in 2014. Lauren is experienced in working with all age groups, and is passionate about Early Childhood Education and Care. Lauren is always happy to show families through the Childcare Centre and answer any questions they may have about the service and the centre. You can find Lauren creating nutritious and delicious meals for the children from our centre kitchen. She takes care in ensuring that all nutritional needs and allergies are incorporated into each meal they creates. Lauren is always open to new suggestions for the menu, so feel free to chat to her about a meal suggestion you would like seen added to the Centre Menu. 

Toddler Room Leader - Keely

Keely is our dedicated room leader in the Toddler room, caring for the children between the ages of 2 and 5 years.Keely loves to engage with our families and provide updates to parents on their child's day at the childcare. Keely is always available to chat, and happy to help out any families.

Baby Room Leader - Sharon

Sharon is our Room Leader in the Babies room and joined the Teen Family Centre in 2021. Sharon strives to create opportunities for children to develop and grow in a friendly learning environment. You can speak to Sharon at any time, you will find her creating amazing learning experiences for our babies aged 8 weeks up to 2 years. 

Qualified Educator - Annalise

Annalise is our Qualified Educator in the Toddler room, along with Keely and Jaime. Annalise joined the Teen Family Centre in 2019. Some days, Annalise will bring in her pet rabbit, Donut, to join us in activities and meet the children. Donut is incredibly friendly and loves to cuddle. 

Assistant Educator - Jaime

Happy, Bubbly, Laughing Jaime can be found in our Toddler Room! Jaime enjoys playing and delivering the activities for the children. Jaime's laugh can be heard throughout the centre, and this is why she cant win at Hide and Seek. 

Assistant Educator - Anny

Anny is our longest standing Childcare Educator! she has been with the Teen Family Centre sine 2012 and enjoys the time she spends with the babies in the Babies Room. Anny is known as the "Baby Whisperer" as all the babies love her, and are drawn to her positive attitude. 

Childcare Centre Pets

We have many pets here at the Teen Family Centre who we care for each day. Raven, Raptor and Hei-Hei are our 3 Silkie Chickens. Easter Bunny (EB) and Snowflake are our rabbits. Our pets are included in our activities and visit us in the centre regularly to join in on our activities.