Childcare Centre



 Vacancies currently available for Childcare. 

 Speak to us about our childcare vacancies for 2023 - Our Parent Support Worker can provide assistance with Centrelink benefits and helping you to claim the Childcare   Subsidy! for more information, please call us on 9247 0291 or use the "contact us form" 



About the Centre

The Teen Family Centre is a small, 25 place centre, staffed with highly qualified, passionate and committed Early Childhood Educators. We understand that your child is the most important person in your world, and our aim is to make both you and them feel welcome, supported and cared for. We have only two rooms in our centre, our Babies Room (0-2years) and our Play Room (2 years-5 years), which gives our educators more time for one on one interactions with the children, to support and educate them, and become a trusted part of their life. Our shorter opening hours of 8am-4pm means our educators are consistent throughout the day, so you will be confident in knowing that the same friendly faces who grreted you in the morning will be there in the afternoon, and all aspects of your childs day will be communicated to you. 

Our play-based curriculum is based on the Early Years Learning Framework, and engages your children in hands on learning, encouraging them to independently explore, create, and develop the skills they will need for school and the years beyond. Every childs learning is catered to individually, and our experienced educators plan amazing activities unique to your child, ensuring their interests, needs and likes are a part of our every day learning. 


Centre Cook

Our amazing centre cook makes all meals fresh everyday. Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and snacks are provided, as well as cows milk for children over the age of one. Our cook is trained in health and nutrition, and uses fresh fruit and vegetables from our garden to prepare our meals. All dietary, cultural and family needs are taken into account, ensuring your child is safe, well, fed, happy and full of energy, ready to play and learn!! 



Activities and Events

At the Teen Family Centre we encourage and welcome our families to be a part of everything we do! We hold annual events such as Mothers Day Morning Teas, Fathers Day Breakfasts, Easter Egg Hunts, an amazing end of year Christmas Party, Harmony Day, Dwali, Songkran, and much more. All families are invited to share their culture, traditions and stories with us, as we love celebrating and learning more about the world around us. All family members are welcome at our centre events, and our every day open door policy means you can pop in and visit your child when ever you like. 

Our wide and varied community is important to us, so we also have activites such as walks to the local park for a picnic and a play, baby massage classes, and end of term excursions. Exploring the world around us is important to us, and we would love to hear any ideas you have for places for us to learn.  


Why Choose the Teen Family Centre?

The Early Childhood Educators and staff at the Teen Family Centre believe that your children come first at all times. Our aim is to make sure that you feel comfortable and happy leaving your child in a safe, supportive, educational, caring and fun environment, where they can play, learn and become the amazing people they are! As we are a smaller centre, our educators are able to focus on providing your child with the individual attention they need, and create strong, beautiful bonds that will build a solid base for confident learners. Our newly renovated centre offers a mix of built and natural play environments, that allows for children to engage in a variety of play, letting their imaginations run wild! We are committed to providing a safe, supportive, healthy, engaging and most of all fun centre, that will feel like a second home for you and your family.

The Teen Family Centre also offers a unique service of having a Parent Support Worker on our staff. The role of the Parent Support Worker is to help parents with Centrelink, enrolling for study, learning new parenting skills, interacting with other community services and much more. We welcome all parents to feel free to ask for help and advice from our highly trained and qualified staff. 

We are always excited to meet new people and make new friends, so please feel free to contact us for a tour of the centre and to find out how we can become a valued part of your families lives. 


For more information on our Childcare Centre, or to enrol your young one for Childcare, please Contact Us